Our Milestones


1. Insured 18672 lives since its inception, many individual lives worth 1 Crore & above

2. First Grand client on 21st January 2007 at J.K.Park, 1300 clients participated in the client meet, first time to do so ever in the history of insurance in Jalgaon


1. Appointment of 25 full time advisors and 20 part time advisors in Teamone

2. First time in history of Jalgaon, insurance of 5 crores on a single life completed by Prashant Chhajed

3. Two Million Dollar Round Table (M.D.R.T.) club members


1. Inception of Teamone with 15 individuals working as insurance advisors

2. Launch of “Concept of Scientific Planning” towards Insurance in Jalgaon

3. First Million Dollar Round Table (M.D.R.T) club member from Teamone